Category H: Diverse Educational Settings
Opportunity to enhance knowledge and Understanding of diverse educational settings (Maximum of 30 hours over 5-year period)
  1. Experiences with students of another age, ability, culture, or socioeconomic level.

    MUST be verified by written statement from the administrator of the educational agency for which the teaching was done, with validation of hours of active student contact and description of student characteristics in regard to being “of another age, ability, culture, or socioeconomic level” compared to the teacher’s regular teaching assignment.

    NOTE: These experiences must not be a matter of teaching the same content repeatedly or of simply teaching one’s regular assignment in a different setting or time frame (such as in an extended summer school contract.)

    Example: Exchange situation with different types of students, teaching related adult education classes, summer school with accelerated or special students for mainstream teacher.

    Clock hours: One hour of participation = one clock hour.

  2. Systematic, purposeful observation during visits to schools and to related business and industry.

    MUST be verified by written statement from an official representative of the school or business/industry visited, with validation of educational content and hours involved in the visit.

    Examples: Foreign school study tour
    Observation of Legislature
    Tour of ceramic plant for art teacher
    Tour of electronics firm for industrial teacher
    Observation in model technology site or recognized exemplary program

    Clock Hours: One hour of participation = one clock hour.
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