Special Education

Making a Referral

If there is a concern about your child, you, your child’s teacher, or an outside provider can refer him/her to the building Child Study Team (CST).  In the majority of cases the building will implement systematic interventions in an attempt to improve your child’s functioning in the area(s) of concern.  Some buildings have a separate Intervention Team for this purpose.   If after two interventions your child continues to be significantly behind his/her peers in the area(s) of concern, the CST at the building may decide to pursue an evaluation to consider Special Education or Section 504. 

Referrals to the CST can take place at any time.  If referrals are received with less than 30 school days remaining in the school year the evaluation may carry over to the following school year.  For students who have immigrated to the United States and whose primary language is not English, there is no minimum time requirement the student needs to attend school before they can be referred to CST.  However, the CST will often need to determine if the main reason for the lack of progress is due to English proficiency.  There are times that a parent has a medical report or a report from another outside provider that may include a diagnosis.  While this  information is valuable and will be considered, the school will still need to complete their own evaluation for determining Special Education or Section 504 eligibility.


If you have questions please contact your building administrator or Student Services at 328-4310.

Student Services provides support in the following areas:

Special Education
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
Deaf/Hard of Hearing (DHH)
Developmental Adapted Physical Education (DAPE)
Developmental Cognitive Disabilities - Mild/Moderate (DCD-MM)
Developmental Cognitive Disabilities - Severe/Profound (DCD-SP)
Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE)
Emotional/Behavioral Disorders (EBD)
Occupational Therapy (OT)
Other Health Disabilities (OHD)
Physically Impaired (PI)
Physical Therapy (PT)
Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD)
Speech/Language Impairments (SLI)
Severely Multiply Impaired (SMI)
Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
Visually Impaired (VI)
Work Experience Handicapped

Care & Treatment Programs
Day Treatment Program
School Psychologist
School Social Worker
Student Health Services

Contact: Heather Rivers

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