Cookie Drive
Cookie Drive!
Cookie Drive
Despite the temptation, every one of these cookies was shipped to Iraq....lest we deal with the "evil eye", and the wrath, of Kelcey Evers (center).
There is nothing that says home so much as a batch of home made cookies. That is why we ship them whenever we can, to remind our soldiers of home. So, bake us a batch. Even though certain agencies discourage the shipment to troops of any food not commercially packaged, we do it because we continually get requests from combat deployed soldiers for home made cookies. We have the testimonials to back up our success in this regard. We also send TONS of Girl Scout cookies, and they are greatly appreciated.....but they are not home made. You will make our job easier if you pre-package the cookies in plastic GLAD containers, or equivalent, no larger than 10" X 5"X 8". In each container place a slice or piece of bread to retain moisture, then securely tape lid on. Most soldiers have told us, if you need any reassurance, that it doesn't matter what condition the cookies arrive in....they will be delicious!

We have also included as an option 3 different cookie drive questionnaires. Try filling one out if you would like, and include it with the cookies. The idea here is that when a soldier opens up a package of your cookies, while he/she is eating them, they can learn a little about who baked them and smile.

Send along anther form, blank, with a self-addressed envelope (no postage needed for soldiers) and you might be surprised at the reply!


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